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First Response Training International is a world class organization providing training for layperson rescuers in schools, businesses, and public areas. We proudly offer cutting edge curriculums designed to prepare individuals to handle emergency situations and save lives.


Adult, Child & Infant Emergency Care

Adult, Child & Infant CPR, AED First Aid Course

Child & Infant Emergency Care

Child & Infant CPR, AED First Aid Course

Workplace CPR/AED

Adult, Child & Infant CPR, AED First Aid Course

Bloodborne Pathogens

Fluid Response Training

O2 Administration

Oxygen for Diving Emergencies

Helmut Spangler

Diving becomes a way of life!

Whether you’re looking for longer dives, deep wrecks or cave explorations, technical diving grants access to unique diving spots.

Custom Dates

All courses are organized around the customer. No fixed dates.

Class Ratio

Max 2 students per instructor to maximize the training value

Online and Class training

You will be trained as per the latest standards, methodologies and techniques.

Safety is our priority

All training complies with the highest safety standards of the agencies we work with.